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Initially PCBs were designed manually by creating a photomask on a clear mylar sheet, usually at two or four times the true size. Starting from the schematic diagram the component pin pads were laid out on the mylar and then traces were routed to connect the pads. If you have many questions of PCB Design, please come here!

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Must Know the Eight Misunderstandings of Circuit Design

We often find that there are often some mistakes in the rules or principles that we take for granted. Electronic engineers also have such examples in circuit design. The following are the eight misund... (See More)

Giovanni Pelliccioni
2019-01-17 08:45:34
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Design RF Board

Successful RF design must pay careful attention to every step and every detail of the entire design process, which means thorough and careful planning must be carried out at the beginning of the desig... (See More)

Giampaolo Braga
2019-01-15 18:51:31
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Requirements for PCB Design

1. Correct This is the most basic and important requirement of PCB design, to accurately realize the connection relationship of electrical schematic diagram, and to avoid the two simple a... (See More)

2019-01-15 18:42:29
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Comparative Analysis of Simulation Software and PCB Design Software

There are a lot of eda software circulating in the market, and the advantages and disadvantages are different. We only talk about the most widely used ones.   Protel   Undoub... (See More)

Nick Jay
2019-01-15 08:42:21
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5 Points Which Could Not Be Ignored in PCB Design

As the power engineer, the most important thing in the power supply design is the PCB design. So what are the points to pay attention to? Now we brings benefits to everyone, totaling the experience of... (See More)

2019-01-10 16:59:31
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PCB Silk Screen Specification

PCB silk screen technology is a lot of specifications, not just can be done. These specifications have prompted the development of PCB screen printing technology. Let's take a look at what are the spe... (See More)

Ercin Dalgic
2019-01-10 16:27:34
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PCBs Design

The Electronic products are used widely in our our daily work and life, and the design of printed circuit board (PCB) is directly related to the use of electronic products. if it can meet the requirem... (See More)

David Russell
2019-01-04 15:30:56
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Discussion on Common Problems in PCB Design

What is a part package? Part packaging refers to the appearance and solder joint position indicated when the actual part is soldered to the board. What is the difference between part package and a p... (See More)

Eibert Draisma
2019-01-03 16:21:17
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Discussion on Common Problems in PCB Design

1.How do you understand the concept of broken copper and floating copper? From the perspective of PCB processing, copper foil with an area smaller than a certain unit area is generally called broken... (See More)

2019-01-03 16:04:20
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About PCB High Frequency Circuit Board Wiring Skills

With the rapid development of electronic technology and the wide application of wireless communication technology in various fields, high frequency, high speed and high density have gradually become o... (See More)

Michael Glavanits
2019-01-03 09:22:49
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