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Free PCB CAD Software

Free PCB CAD Software

This is a comparison of several PCB design software. They all meet the criteria below:

  • They have a free version available.
  • The free version is time unlimited.
  • This free version can provide schematic & board design and generate the form for manufacturing.
  • The software is being actively developed and supported.
Product OS Limitations Non-profit Use Only Output Gerbers Notes
Scheme-it linuxmac_osxwindows
Nonprofit Use Only
Online schematic and diagramming tool
Ultra Librarian linuxmac_osxwindows
Vendor-neutral data for ECAD design, simulation and 3D modeling.
Autodesk Circuits linuxmac_osxwindows
Nonprofit Use Only
Web-based app. Free version makes your designs public.
CircuitMaker windows
Nonprofit Use Only Nonprofit Use Only
Solo PCB Design windows
Usable only with licensed manufacturers
MultiSIM BLUE windows
Nonprofit Use Only
64 components max. Expires 7/2017.
Target 3001! PCB-POOL Edition windows
Usable only with PCB-POOL's manufacturing
PCBWeb windowswindowswindows
Nonprofit Use Only
Includes a feature to order your PCBs from a choice of manufacturers, but still lets you generate Gerbers. Also exports Digi-Key BOMs. Does not include an auto-router.
Osmond PCB mac_osx
pins: 700
Nonprofit Use Only