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Dear Customers:
ALLPCB factory will have days off from May 1st to May 3rd, 2020 due to the coming International Labour Day.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the postponed delivery. Please schedule your orders in advance. Learn More


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48 Hours Free Expedite for Aluminum PCB Prototype and Batch Order

Order Area & Lead Time

·< 1㎡ : 3 Days ·1-5㎡ : 3 Days
·5-10㎡ : 4 Days ·10-20㎡ : 5 Days
·>20㎡ : 6 Days

Crazy Price

·$8 for 5pcs, 100x100mm
·$12 for 10pcs, 100x100mm
·Bulk Order, Lower Price

Superior Quality

·Material: Guangzhou Aluminum,
 Goldenmax Aluminum

·Testing: Substrate Thermal Conductivity
 and Insulation Inspection

ALLPCB Lights Every City - The Best Choice for Aluminum PCB Ultrafast Prototyping

Laser cutting, 48 hours ultrafast prototype, No expedited fee.

The products covering: outdoor lighting, home lighting, automotive lighting, electronic machinery, commercial lighting, indoor lighting and etc.

Aluminum Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

All of our products are made in accordance with strict technical standard.

Quality matters! Every piece counts!

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Aluminum PCB Fabrication

ALLPCB high-quality materials to meet user

needs. Our products made in accordance with

strict technical standard to ensure the quality of all

materials. Every piece counts.

Aluminum PCB Technical Specification

High-quality Material, Strict Technical Standard, Guarantee the Quality of Each PCB Board.

Test Item Unit Processing Conditions (A) Typical Value
MAF-01 MAF-02 MAF-03
Peel Strength N/mm After Thermal Stress (288℃,2min) 1.1 1.05 1.05
Blister Test S ≥120 120 120 120
Surface Resistivity
Volume Resistivity MΩ.m Settlement State
Thermal Resistance ℃/W Settlement State =1.0 =0.8 =0.8
1MHZ Dielectric Constant - Settlement State 3.8 3.9 2.7
1MHz Dielectric Loss Factor - Settlement State V 0.026 0.009
Thermal Stress (A) min 280℃ No Delamination, No Blistering
Thermal Conductivity W/m.k Settlement State 1.0-1.2 1.5-1.8 2.0-3.0
Dielectric Breakdown KV D-48/50+D/0.5/23 2.0- 2.5kv 4kv 5kv
Flammability - Settlement State FV-0
CTI V Settlement State 250-600
Types and Features

The aluminum substrate can transfer heat away from vital components, thus ensures high reliability.

  • Heat Dissipation
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Machinability
  • Electromagnetic Shielding
Class Types Features
Aluminum Base Copper Clad Laminate GM-AL Series MLT-002 Aluminum Base / Copper Foil / FR4 Fiberglass (Tg 130-170)
MLT-003 Aluminum Base / Copper Foil / No Fiberglass (Laird) / Thermal Conductivity 3.0w / n..k
MLT-004 Aluminum Base / Copper Foil / No Fiberglass (Bergquist) / Thermal Conductivity 2.0w / n..k
MLT-005 Aluminum Base / Copper Foil / No Fiberglass / Heat Resistance 350℃10min | Dielectric Constant 4.2
MLT-006 Aluminum Base / Copper Foil / No Fiberglass (Bergquist) / Thermal Conductivity 2.0w / n..k
Special Copper Clad Laminate GM-AL Series MLT-007 Heavy Copper Clad Laminate (4oz-10oz), High Current, High Power Circuit
ALLPCB - China Ultrafast PCB Super Factory

Help engineers complete PCBA R&D tasks better and faster, win competitive advantage

Professional Certification Quality Assurance

With strict quality management system, the certifications ALLPCB has obtained: SGS Certification,UL Certification,ISO Certification

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