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  • Seven common methods for making PCB CCL

    A special copper-clad laminate is used, and the surface of the copper-plated layer is pre-coated with a layer of photosensitive material, so it is called “pre-coated photosensitive copper plate”

    PCB Manufacturing

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  • How to Use Allegro to Design Multi-layer PCBs?

    The pcb multi-layer board is a special kind of printed board. Its existence "location" is generally special. For example, there will be pcb multi-layer board in the circuit board. This kind of multi-...

    PCB Design Rules

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  • Impedance Matching in High Speed PCB Design

    The transmission at this time does not cause reflection, which means that all energy is absorbed by the load. Otherwise, there is energy loss in the transmission. In high-speed PCB design, the matchin...

    PCB Design Rules

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  • Brief Talk About Heat Dissipation Of Aluminum PCB and Its Design Method

    In order to solve the heat dissipation problem, aluminum PCB and some high-power IC are widely used in LED trace design. Aluminum PCB consists of copper layer, thermally conductive dielectric layer an...

    PCB Design Rules

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  • PCB Material Classification and Properties

    The classification of printed circuit boards for communication products, material selection, technical development direction, design and processing technical specifications, can be used by printed cir...

    PCB Manufacturing

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  • PCB Board Warpage Reasons and Treatment

    Printed Circuit Board Warping And Leveling Method 1. Flatten Warped Plate in PCB Process In the PCB process, the plate with a relatively large warpage is picked out and leveled by a roll-type level...

    PCB Manufacturing

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  • Some PCB Layout Experience

    For electronic products, the printed circuit board design is a design process that must be passed from electrical schematic to a specific product. The rationality of its design is closely related to p...

    PCB Layout

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  • Research on Recycling Process of Printed Circuit Board

    According to the report of the United Nations Environment Program, the annual global production of electronic equipment waste amounts to 20 to 50 million tons, with an annual growth rate of 3% to 5%. ...


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  • Application of PCB Surface Welding Resistance Layer

    The solder resistance film of printed circuit board is a permanent protective layer. It not only has the function of solder resistance, protection, insulation resistance and so on, but also has a grea...

    Solder Paste

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  • Comprehensive Guide to X-ray Inspection

    With the development of new electronic devices, components are getting smaller and smaller, and the demand is increasing. Not surprisingly, miniaturization and ever-increasing power and cooling requir...

    PCB Testing

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