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Featured News and Information

Factory will Keep Producing on Chinese Lunar New Year 2021

ALLPCB factory will keep producing your orders during the Chinese new year holiday! We will work at full capacity to make sure your orders deliver on time.

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2021-01-28 2615

Factory Arrangement of New Year Holiday 2021

ALLPCB factory will be closed from January 01, 2021 to January 02, 2021 for New Year Holiday. Please arrange your order in advance.

  • new year
  • factory schedule
  • dhl service

2020-12-24 467

Quote and Order In Advance For Christmas

ALLPCB kindly remind you that in order to receive your product on time, please arrange your order in advance.

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  • merry christmas
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  • allpcb christmas
  • xmas

2020-11-26 191

ALLPCB EVENTS -See You In China Electronics Fair Shanghai 2020

  • global electronics fair
  • electronics expo
  • ict
  • electronics components

2020-11-11 305

Holiday Notice of Chinese National Day 2020

ALLPCB factory will be closed from October 01, 2020 to October 04, 2020 for Chinese National Day. Please manage your order in advance.

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  • factory schedule
  • dhl service
  • fedex

2020-09-25 890

FR4 Material Upgrade—New Tg150 Covered ALLPCB Prototype

An upgrade of FR4 material—Kingboard Tg150 now fully applied to ALLPCB prototype, as before Shengyi Tg140 is widely used.

  • tg150
  • tg140
  • fr4
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  • material upgrade
  • new pcb material

2020-09-11 589

FedEx is Online - New Shipping Option

Our new shipping option - FedEx is online! FedEx International Priority (FedEx-IP) and FedEx International Economy (FedEx-IP) are available.

  • FedEx
  • FedEx International Priority
  • FedEx International Economy
  • FedEx-IP
  • FedEx-IE

2020-07-31 887

PCB Assembly Worldwide Free Shipping

ALLPCB is planning a “PCB Assembly Worldwide Free Shipping” activity. Up to 30 shipping costs will be deducted automatically for order group containing PCBA order!

  • pcb assembly
  • free shipping
  • siemens
  • advanced quality

2020-07-09 7879

Schedule of the Dragon Boat Festival in 2020

The holiday date and delivery time of the PCB Factory and SMT factory on the Dragon Boat Festival.

  • the dragon boat festival
  • lead time
  • holiday

2020-06-22 614

Free PCB Assembly Service, Free PCB

The activity is aiming to let our customers enjoy Free PCB fabrication and free PCB assembly service. Customers can also experience our one-stop service.

  • free pcb
  • free pcb assembly service
  • activity

2020-06-17 1057