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Several PCBA Test and Inspection Methods

Since Surface Mount Technology (SMT) came into being, it has become the main stream in PCBA industry. With the help of SMT, the components that will be mounted on PCB become smaller and smaller and endue the PCB more functions. However, it also brings great challenge to PCB manufacture in test and inspection. Thus, PCB test and inspection get more and more attention from PCB manufacture to guarantee the quality. 

PCB Test and Inspection

PCB Test and Inspection

Here are several PCB test and inspection methods in PCB industry.

1. Manual Visual Inspection

In manual visual inspection, inspectors will check the completeness of PCBA to ensure the quality with the help of magnifier or eyes directly. And the inspected items are mainly about components soldering and some related problem. But this method will be not economical and reliable for complex PCBA.

2. In-Circuit Tester (ICT)

In-Circuit Tester, a kind of contacting inspection, is widely used in PCB industry for its excellent performance in test and inspection. ICT is almost able to find out the problems in PCBA both the soldering and components. And it enjoys high speed and high stability.

3. Automatic Optic Inspection (AOI)

With the decrease of packaging size and the increase of assembly density, some typical inspection methods fail to work well. And automatic optic inspection comes into being to play an important role in inspection.

4. Automatic X-ray Inspection (AXI)

For the wide use of BGA and CSP, the typical inspection method like ICT fails to check the soldering point buried by components. Automatic X-ray inspection aims to inspect these buried soldering points with X-ray. And it can be divided into two types: 2D and 3D.

5. Functional Circuit Test

Functional Circuit Test is the last inspection before PCBA products come into market. Unlike other inspections like AOI, AXI and ICT, FCT aims to keep the UUT (Unit Under Test) working under simulated environment and inspect the actual performance with the output data.

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