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In-Circuit Tester in PCB Assembly

In-Circuit Tester, a kind of contacting inspection method, is widely used in PCB industry for its excellent performance in test and inspection. In inspection, PCB board will be place on the specific fixture. And spring test probe of tester will connected to the component leads to carry out individual testing and pick up the problem in assembly.

In-Circuit Inspection

In-Circuit Inspection

ICT is almost able to find out the problems in PCBA both the soldering and components. As for the soldering, the problems include soldering point bridging, solder paste overdose, incomplete soldering, etc; about components, the inspection will cover resistance, capacitor and IC components and so on. And at present, Bed of Nails Tester and Flying Probe Tester will be the most common method in ICT.

ICT enjoys high reputation in PCB inspection for its high speed and high stability. Besides, it enables PCB manufacturers to cut the cost in testing. However, it will take a long time to test fixture, code and adjust, which make it more complex in the early period.

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