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Automatic Optic Inspection in PCB Assembly

With the decrease of packaging size and the increase of assembly density, some typical inspection methods fail to work well. The reliability and stability cannot be guaranteed by the traditional inspection. And Automatic Optic Inspection (AOI) comes into being to play an important role in inspection.

Automatic Optic Inspection

Automatic Optic Inspection

Automatic Optic Inspection, as a widely-used inspection method, is based on the principle of optics and integrated with image analysis, computer and automatic control technologies to inspect the defects in the PCB production. In inspection, AIO machine will scan the PCB with camera and collect the data to make a comparison with qualified specifications. If there is any defect, AIO machine will point out the defects for repairmen. It is able to test the soldering quality, bare board, solder paste volume and SMT quality, etc.

Generally, AOI will be carried out before and after reflow and before electrical testing, which is non-electrical and fixture-free. However, this inspection method has weak detection on short circuit and high failure rate.

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