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Manual Visual Inspection in PCBA

Manual visual inspection, as the original inspection method in PCBA, aims to check the digital circuit with the help of magnifier or eyes directly. And the inspected items include the completeness of connecting patterns in soldering, soldering points bridging, missing soldering and incomplete soldering.

Manual Visual Inspection

Manual Visual Inspection

In manual visual inspection, magnifier and telescope are the basic tools in MVI, which make the inspection more flexible. Besides, inspectors can also resort to metal needle to check the incomplete soldering and bridging on IC lead. Inspectors can check whether the PCBs qualified or not and decided how to make adjustment. And manual visual inspection has the advantage in short-term cost and operation while it is easy to be influenced by inspectors’ subjective error and hard to collect data.

However, with the increase of PCB production and decrease of trace spacing and components volume, manual visual inspection become more and more impractical in PCBA industry. And other advanced inspection methods generally take its place.

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