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We Redefine "Fast"

ALLPCB PCBA delivery has been fully accelerated, ≤100pcs prototype orders can achieve 6 days of production!
Say goodbye to R&D anxiety, experience fast production, starting from ALLPCB SMT!


1. The 6-day production time is calculated from the order proceeding time, excluding Sunday and logistics pick-up time.

2. Time for EQ clarification or components supplied by the buyer is not included.

* ALLPCB reserves the right of final interpretation.

Not only 'Fast' but also 'Competitive'

We focus on your quick and easy ECMS needs
Making Product R&D faster cheaper and easier! Starts with ALLPCB.

Only $75 for 10pcs prototyping PCBA

1. Total solder joints number ≤ 350

2. DIP solder joints number ≤ 50

3. Types of Unique parts ≤ 30

Please refer to the online pricing for the final price

Components Coupon

From Feb.8 to June.30,Every time you place an PCB order with us, you'll receive component coupons when this PCB production starts.That's a massive saving in PCBA prototyping cost,just for choosing ALLPCB! Terms & Condictions

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Why Choose ALLPCB PCB Assembly Service?
smt assembly

Speed: 48,000 cph (160,000 solder points per hour).

Maximum component size: 8.2 x 8.2 x 4 mm

Placement accuracy:25 µm/3 sigma

bga assembly
Fully Automatic Solder Paste Printer

With high accuracy and high stability, GKG G5 followed in the SMT industry is the development trend of a new generation of fully automatic printing machines.

through-hole assembly
JT TE1000

From 0 to 300 degrees celsius, Digital Control System and Temperature Monitoring ensure the stabilization and accuracy of repetitive precision and the quality of soldering.

mixed assembly
In-line 3D Solder Paste Inspection Machine

The real-time SPC information display, complete, and various SPC tools allow users to real-time monitor problems, reduce the defects caused by bad solder paste printing.

mixed assembly

TRI's solution delivers the fastest hybrid PCB inspection combining optical and blue-laser-based true 3D profile measurement for the highest automated defect symptom coverage possible.

mixed assembly
Professional Product Manufactured by Professions

By the end of 2020, ALLPCB has more than 800 employees, served over 120,000 users from more than 130 countries and regions worldwide.

mixed assembly
ALLPCB Wuji IoT System

ALLPCB has developed Multi-module Wuji IoT System independently,consisting of an intelligent quote system, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces production cost.

mixed assembly
Electronic Components Warehouse

ALLPCB provides customers with more than 40 sorts of components with over 200,000 products purchased from formal channels, as well as ordering and purchasing services.

Real-time live broadcast of PCB Assembly Warehouse
What is a 100,000-class clean workshop?

The whole workshop is clean and tidy and fully protected against static electricity. It is equipped with central air-conditioning throughout the warehouse to control the cleanliness, temperature and humidity of the atmosphere that the product contacts, so that the assemblies can be produced, manufactured, and tested in the best environment to improve product quality.

  • Temperature range: 18℃~28℃
  • Maximum allowable number of dust particles (≥0.5μm): 3,500,000
  • Humidity range: 40% to 85%
  • The maximum allowable number of dust particles (≥5μm): 20000
  • Number of air changes: ≥15 times/hour
  • The number of planktonic bacteria: ≤500/cubic meter
  • 360° VR Factory TourImmersive Visit
  • 360° VR Factory TourImmersive Visit
  • 360° VR Factory TourImmersive Visit
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Place your order today and experience the best in PCB assembly services.
Trust ALLPCB to bring your projects to life!

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