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PCB Specifications

Category Capability Details Graphical description
Layers 1-32 The number of layers refers to the number of electrical layers in the PCB (the number of copper layers) -
Laminated Structure 4 layers, 6 layers, 8 layers, 10 layers The laminated structure shown is the common structure recommended by our company ALLPCB Standard Stack Up
Material Type FR-4 Shengyi: Tg140/150/170
Kingboard: Tg130/150
Goldenmax: Tg130
High Frequency Board Rogers -
CEM-1 Kingboard: Tg130 Kingboard-Tg130
Aluminum Goldenmax: Tg130 Goldenmax-Tg130
Thermoelectric Separation Copper Substrate Jinpin Technology Copper Plate -
Dimensions Maximum size Standard: a:630×b:520mm
Minimum size 1. The minimum production size of a single PCB is 10×5mm
2. The minimum production size of an panel PCB is 50×50mm
3. A single PCB size below ≤ 20×20mm is an ultra-small board
Board thickness range 2 layers: 0.4-4.0mm
4 layers: 0.4-4.0mm
6 layers: 0.6-4.0mm
8 layers: 1.0-4.0mm
10 layers: 1.0-4.0mm
Board thickness tolerance T≥1.0mm:±10%
Inner layer/outer layer copper thickness Inner layer: 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, 5oz, 6oz
Outer layer: 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, 5oz, 6oz
Also known as copper weight
35μm=1oz, 70μm=2oz, 105μm=3oz
Imaging production Negative film, pattern electroplating (traditional tin plating positive film process) -
Surface treatment Bare Copper, OSP, HASL With Lead, HASL Lead-free, Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Nickel Palladium Gold, OSP+ Selective Immersion Gold, Lead-free HASL + Selective Immersion Gold, Lead-free HASL + Selective Gold Plating -
Plugged vias Use soldermask ink ① Only the vias covered with soldermask ink on double sided can be made
② Vias edge to opening pad edge≤0.2 are difficult to make plugged vias
③ Vias diameter≤0.5mm
Metal edging process Metal edging copper thickness ≥ 15um
Gold finger beveling PCB thickness: 0.8-2.4mm
PCB size: Min 50*80mm Max: 500*200mm
Angle: 10-70°
Angle tolerance: ±5°
Depth tolerance: ±0.15mm
Electrical test Flying probe test: unlimited
Test rack≤3500 points
Edge rail ≥4mm
FQC Warpage degree: 0.75% -

Drilling & Hole

Category Capability Details Graphical description
Drilling Drill Hole Size 0.15~6.5mm
Rate of finished board thickness to min plated hole diameter 10:1
Countersink hole 1. Hole size specification: <6.5mm
2. Angle: 90° 140° 180°
3. Hole size tolerance: ±0.1mm
4. Depth Tolerance: ±0.15mm
Drill Hole Size Tolerance 1. Diameter of plug-in hole: +/-0.075mm
2. Diameter of crimping hole: +/-0.05mm (leave note when order)
Minimum Via/Pad Double-side board: 0.2mm (inner diameter)/0.5mm (outer diameter)
Multi-layer board: 0.15mm (inner diameter)/0.25mm (outer diameter)
①The outer diameter must be 0.1mm larger than the inner diameter, 0.15mm preferred
②Preferred Min. Via hole size: 0.2mm
Min. Plated Slot Width≥0.7mm
Min. Non-Plated Slots Width≥0.8mm
Rectangle Hole/Slot Don’t support
Plated Hole Copper Thickness 18-100um -
Plated Half Hole When it comes to plated half hole, it also called castellated holes, which is plated with copper based on the specialized process on the edge of PCB. And plated half-holes are predominantly used for board-on-board connections, mostly where two boards with different technologies are combined. E.g. the combination of complex microcontroler modules with common, individually designed PCBs
① Diameter: ≧0.4mm
② Spacing: ≥0.35mm
③ Pad edge to board edge: ≧1MM
④ Min. board size: 10*10mm

Minimum trace width and spacing

Category Capability Details Graphical description
Trace Min. trace width/spacing (1OZ) 0.076/0.076mm(3mil/3mil)
Min. trace width/spacing (2OZ) 0.14/0.14mm (5.5mil/5.5mil)
Min. trace width/spacing (3OZ) 0.2/0.2mm (8mil/8mil)
Min. trace width/spacing (4OZ) 0.25/0.25mm (10mil/10mil)
Min. trace width/spacing (5OZ) 0.35/0.35mm (14mil/14mil)
Min. trace width/spacing (6OZ) 0.45/0.45mm (18mil/18mil)
Trace Width Tolerance ±20% -
Pad Edge to trace Edge Spacing ≧0.1mm (greater if possible), BGA pad to trace minimum spacing 0.075mm
Width of solder ring for plated DIP holes(1OZ) ≧0.2mm (recommended value), the limit value is 0.18mm -
Width of solder ring for non-plated DIP holes ≧0.4mm (recommended value), because the dry film is used to seal the hole, and the 0.15MM pad or copper surface will be hollowed out around the copper-free hole . Please try to increase the pad for soldering
If the pad is too small, it may be a coil or no pad
BGA ① BGA pad diameter: ≧0.2mm
② BGA pad edge to trace edge: ≧0.075mm


Category Capability Details Graphical description
Silkscreen Text height h≧0.75mm, character width 0.1mm (special font, Chinese, hollow character height h>38mil (0.97mm))
Text width ≧0.1mm (lower than this value may not be printed)
Spacing from character to exposed copper pads ≧0.15mm (lower than this value will hollow out the characters to avoid contacting the pad)

Solder Mask

Category Capability Details Graphical description
Solder Mask Solder Mask Color Green, Cold White, Blue, Black, Yellow, Red, Purple, Matte Black, Matte Green -
Solder Mask Thickness ≧10um
Minimum Solder Bridge Width 1. Green: 0.075mm
2. Other colors: 0.125mm (red, yellow, blue, white, matte green, black, matte black, purple)


Category Capability Details Graphical description
Panelization Profiling edge forming 1. Forming edge to forming edge A: ±0.15mm;
V-cut Angle: 25°, 30°
According to different plate thickness:
Remaining thickness: 0.25-0.8mm
Remaining thickness tolerance: ±0.1mm
Maximum size of V-CUT 1000*1500mm
Panel by V-cut ① The distance between the V-cut line and the copper ≧0.4mm
②The default is to use 0-gap paneling (only two sides of the V-cutting are required, and the other two sides can use a panel gap of 1.6mm or 2mm)
Panel by stamp holes ① The distance between the copper and the edge of the board at the non-stamp hole is ≧0.3mm
② Tolerance of the gong edge at the non-stamp hole: ±0.2mm (common gong), ±0.1mm (premium gong)
③ The default board gap is 1.6mm or 2mm
④There will be a gear shape at stamp hole position after the panel is separated.
⑤ Minimum width of edges rails is 4MM (our SMT requires 5mm width, 1mm for fiducial mark, 2mm for tooling hole, 3.85mm from fiducial mark to board edge).