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Standard Printed Circuit Board Thickness

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) thickness refers to the finished PCB board thickness. And the PCB thickness should depend on the function of PCB board, the weight, profile and mechanical load of assembly components and the specification of socket and so on.

Using outdated tools to define your PCB layer stack thickness can really slow you down. Modern PCB design can have anywhere from 2 to 32 layers in a stackup and with a variety of materials being used, it’s hard to get a “standard” thickness. 

Standard PCB Thickness.png

Standard PCB Thickness provides various options of PCB board thickness from 0.4mm to 4.2mm. Customers can choose the corresponding thickness according to their own specifications and requirement to make a decision.

Despite the large number of PCB manufacturers and PCB types or manufacturing methods, there are some internationally recognized standard PCB thicknesses. Generally, the standard PCB thickness will be 1.6mm, which is wildly used in diverse electronic products and equipments. 1.6mm thickness PCB board is enough to support the weight of integrated circuit, transistors and normal RC components, even though the dimension exceeds 500mm*500mm.

But the standard PCB thickness for power supply is 2mm to 3mm because of the heavy transformer and high-power components. Besides, as for the small electronic products, 0.5mm PCB thickness is enough. The PCB thickness of multilayer pcb board is related to the layers. Below eight layers, the multilayer PCB thickness is about 1.5mm, and it also depends on the electric design.

If you fail to choose the PCB board thickness, please contact us for some valuable advices on the PCB thickness. Our professional sales team will give you a quick reply.

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