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Free PCB+PCBA to Warmly Celebrate the 5th Anniversary of ALLPCB

2020-03-31  ALLPCB Team

How time flies!

ALLPCB is Five years old!!! Yes, it has been five years since ALLPCB was founded in 2015.

From nothing to something, ALLPCB has been holding on to itself and inheriting the belief to create value for customers. It is our customers we thank most who support and encourage us to be a stronger service platform.

So in order to express our great gratitude, we bring you the biggest special offer regardless of any cost. We also take this opportunity to celebrate our fifth anniversary and the newly built PCBA factory. The specific details are as follows.


Activity 1.    FREE PCB+PCBA

1)  5 sets, 1-2 layer, standard capability is available.

2)  SMD+DIP solder joints ≤500, DIP solder joints ≤100, component part kinds ≤20

3)  PCB prototype and PCB assembly are all free for you.

4)  Components should be sourced by ALLPCB. 

5)  Only 100 FREE experience choices. First come, first served.

6)  Only once time for free per person.


Activity 2.    Extra Choice for FREE PCBA

If the pcba order amount up to $2000, you can win one extra choice for Activity 1.

 free pcbapcb.png

Order Now


1.    Online factory inspection is supported.

2.    This activity is valid from April 1, 2020 to April 30, 2020.

3.    ALLPCB reserves the right of final interpretation in this activity.


Wish you a nice shopping experience!

(Update on April 10, 2020)

Since the free PCB+PCBA launched, it has been widely concerned by our customer friends. The activity is so hot beyond our imagination, with all 100 free choices being snapped up in a very short time. Therefore, this activity ended on April 10, 2020.


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