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Lightning-fast delivery! SMT prototype orders shipped within 24 hours!


With the arrival of April, ALLPCB is excited to announce our SMT acceleration service. Our goal is to enhance the delivery experience for all ALLPCB users by providing better delivery times. To achieve this, we have comprehensively upgraded our SMT services, and below is the detailed plan of our service:

ALLPCB's SMT lead times have been significantly reduced!

ALLPCB has recently updated their delivery rules, nearly doubling their previous delivery time. This faster delivery is made possible by ALLPCB's efficient digital production system and improved equipment investment. The faster SMT delivery times will provide our customers with even greater research and development advantages.


ALLPCB offers a wider range of SMT orders

Compared to the industry average of 3-7 days for SMT Service, ALLPCB has once again sparked a wave of change in the industry by announcing their goal to ship SMT Service within just 1 day. If Parts arrive today, they'll be shipped out as soon as tomorrow! With the accelerated SMT service from ALLPCB, customers can expect an ultimate order turnaround time, an improved user experience, and a stronger competitive edge in the market research and development.


Please note:

● The term "special process" refers to specific types of components, including BGA, QFN, and those with package sizes of 0201 or smaller, as well as additional services such as programming and functional testing.

● When referring to the SMT lead time, it is calculated once all required materials have been received. Any additional time needed for EQ and first article inspection is not included in the production time.

Two PCB Assembly prototyping promotions are still going strong!

"Don't miss out on the fun! Alongside our SMT Lightning-fast delivery, we're also running two exciting promotions - the 'SMT Special Offer' and 'Components Coupon' - and they're still going strong! So, come on and take advantage of these amazing deals today!"

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Terms & Conditions

1. If there are various product types in one order, the amount requirement mentioned above is based on the amount of PCB orders only.

2. Coupon will be automatically added to user account when the ordered PCB put into production.

3. These coupons can be used for any component order and cannot deduct shipping fee.

4. Each coupon will be valid for 3 months.

5. ALLPCB reserves the right for the final interpretation of above content. Please contact online customer service if there is any question.


1, ALLPCB releases the news to disseminate more information. It doesn’t represent the viewpoint of ALLPCB!

2, ALLPCB doesn’t guarantee the accuracy, authenticity, integrity, validity, timeliness and originality of the information (including but not limited to words, data and icons)!

3, ALLPCB doesn’t verify the relevant information, which cannot be taken into your consideration of investment. Or else at your own risk!

4, For any infringement, please contact the author directly, or write emails to ALLPCB to get the feedback!