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2023 China Cloud Connection, Industrial Internet Summit Successfully Held in Hangzhou, Creating a New 'Infinite' Ecosystem

2023-03-24  ALLPCB

On March 23rd, the 2023 China Cloud Connection, Industrial Internet Summit with the theme of "New Industry, New Ecology, New Journey" was successfully held at the Hangzhou E-sports Center in Gongshu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The summit was jointly hosted by the Internet Committee of the Global Zhejiang Business Association and Jiepei Technology, the parent company of ALLPCB. The offline event attracted more than 2,000 participants, including over 1,000 industrial entrepreneurs and executives, while online attendance reached 3 million.

The "Cloud Connection" aims to build a "linkage" bridge for the new industry, creating a community of shared interests and development in the new industrial ecology, and guiding the industry's coordination and development. During the summit, Jiepei Technology's founder and chairman, Zhou Bangbing, proposed the "Infinite" concept, hoping to work with new industrial companies to build a decentralized new ecology of co-creation, co-existence, and symbiosis.


Additionally, Jiepei Technology released the "2023 Industrial Digital Key Technologies and Development Trends Report" white paper during the summit. According to the report, China's industrial Internet industry's scale has exceeded 1 trillion yuan, with high-quality external network coverage in over 300 cities and connection to 180,000 industrial companies. There are over 100 large-scale industrial Internet platforms with more than 76 million connected devices. The improvement of China's overall digital platform capabilities and the practice of "5G+Industrial Internet" have shown preliminary transformative empowerment significance.

Furthermore, well-known industrial Internet and related enterprise CEOs and executives, including financial writer and founder of 890 New Business School, Wu Xiaobo, Lanzhuo, Yonyou Network, Banderay, SenseTime, Sichuan Changhong Hongwei Technology, and Fotile Group, attended the summit and delivered keynote speeches. During the summit, Zhu Yiqing, Vice President of Yuenjing Capital, Jia Shilei, CEO of JEPHI Technology, Liao Xin, Vice President of Mars Person Intelligent System, Han Tongpeng, Executive Vice President of Huanzhi Cloud Creation, and Cui Zhe, General Manager of Jijia Industry, jointly discussed the "Next breakthrough point of Industrial Internet" in the "Peak Dialogue" segment.

At the opening of the summit, Chinese Academy of Engineering Academician Shen Changxiang delivered a speech entitled "Creating a New Ecology of Industrial Internet Security and Trustworthiness." He pointed out that everyone thinks that there are hacker attacks, viruses, and vulnerabilities, so they should kill them, find vulnerabilities, and patch them up. This is a surface phenomenon, not the essence.


Academician Shen Changxiang suggested that a new calculation mode, based on cryptography, should be used to implement identity recognition, state measurement, and confidential storage functions, timely identifying "self" and "non-self," and thus destroying and eliminating harmful substances that enter the body, giving the information system an immune ability.

Finally, Academician Shen Changxiang summarized the four key points for building a secure and reliable new ecology: First, efficient processing: real-time scheduling. Second, no patching, immunization and antivirus. Third, no code modification, easy implementation. Fourth, concise consumption, cost reduction. "We have both scientific and engineering systems and other security standards, so we use national-level protection standards to construct such a framework, making the development of industrial Internet security and trustworthiness." He concluded.

In the view of Wu Xiaobo, a financial writer and founder of 890 New Business School, China's manufacturing industry is still the best in the world. China may have more single champions in the global manufacturing industry than any other country, possibly surpassing Germany. China still has great potential in the manufacturing industry. "We caught the last train of the industrial revolution. At the same time, we caught the first train of the Internet revolution."


Wu Xiaobo believes that the large-scale replacement of manpower by machines is the biggest transformation of human ability since the industrial revolution. Dialogue and collaboration between humans and machines are becoming the main theme.

According to Wu Xiaobo, today's factories are completely different from those of many years ago. They have both toolboxes and IT and intelligent hardware, and these changes are helping enterprises complete an iteration. China has no traditional industries, only traditional people. If you don't know how to use these toolboxes, you are a traditional person. The interconnection of devices, human-machine collaboration, and iterative core technologies are bringing about industrial transformation.

Regarding the industrial Internet, Zhou Bangbing, founder and chairman of Jiepei Technology, said in a keynote speech on "Jiepei Industry Brain: A Detailed Explanation of the Electronic Collaborative Manufacturing System" that there are two ways to play on the industrial Internet platform, and currently, more are technology-oriented, one is order+technology-oriented.


Zhou Bangbing believes that technology must be free. Driving the development of the industrial Internet must be based on orders, and all the core is to solve the problem of order efficiency, and then drive the development of the entire industrial Internet platform. Jiepei has always attached great importance to order driving and is empowered by technology, and technology will inevitably move towards free in the future.

Regarding collaborative manufacturing, he analyzed that the results achieved by ECMS (Jiepei's electronic collaborative manufacturing system) mainly includes three aspects: speed, quality, and cost. ECMS has achieved certain results. In the past few years, Jiepei's global user base has exceeded 1 million, covering 210 countries and regions, and international business accounts for more than 50%.

During the summit, Xie Shuangcheng, Vice Chairman of the 11th CPPCC Hangzhou Committee, Zhang Qianjiang, Deputy Director-General of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, Shen Kaibo, Deputy Secretary-General of Hangzhou City, Cao Yongqian, Member of the Party Group and Second-level Inspector of Hangzhou City Economic and Information Bureau, Zhang Jianming, Member of the Standing Committee of Gongsu District Committee of Hangzhou City and Member of the District Government Party Group, Zhou Bangbing, Founder and Chairman of Jiepei Technology, Jia Shilei, CEO of Jiepei Technology, and Zhang Haihua, President of Jiepei Technology officially launched the "Industry Brain Project for Printed Circuit Board Industry."


This project uses automation, digitization, and intelligent technology to achieve full-factor integration, full-industry chain coverage, and full-value chain collaboration, empower 1 million small and medium-sized enterprises, and build a new electronic industry ecological community.


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