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Fast and Cheap PCB from

We have talked many times of speed and price which are the important factors in attracting customers. So always takes these two important factors as our concern and tries to provide good service on these two aspects.

good, fast and cheap

Why we want to supply fast and cheap PCB to customers?

“Quality is our culture”. This is one sentence which has been talked countless times from manufacturers. From this sentence, we can see that most suppliers take quality as first concern, and all they did is for better quality. But wants to do something different, we not only takes quality as concern, but also try to be fast and cost-effective. We want to be fast is because more and more customers have time limited for their project, and they takes time as the most important factor, even it will cost them more money. However, if one platform can supply quick service and do not cost more, will it not be popular? It will surely be popular in a short time for customer’s introduction to each other.

How should we supply fast and cheap PCB to customers?

Being fast is not we said so easy or we just said that we want to be fast but without any action.

In order to be fast, we changed the location of our warehouse to shorten the distance from PCB factory for shorter time delivery. Apart from this, we carried out three-shift workday system to suit customers who have time difference with us. So being fast is not what we said, we also do it with action to achieve the goal. The cheap PCB we can supply is absolutely not because we produce product with bad quality. What we makes cheap is that we connect customers and manufacturers together, which cut down the intermediate links to decrease cost.

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