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Low Cost 1 to 4 Layer PCB Prototypes

PCB prototyping is a way to test the quality of PCB manufacturing before the mass production. If you are looking for the best value for 1 to 4 layer PCB prototypes, I will advise you to use on a regular basis in ALLPCB.com. Of course, you must have a doubt why you can find cheap PCB prototypes here. Now, I will give you a reasonable answer.

4 layer PCB prototyping

4 Layer PCB Prototyping

1. Plenty of choices

ALLPCB.com has established a relationship with More than 100 Chinese PCB manufacturers .Because of that, you can choose the most suitable factory from our network to keep the cost low.

2. Large orders

ALLPCB has been committed to providing 1 to 4 layer circuit board prototypes services. Thus, our daily orders are large. And it ensures we can greatly reduce the materials’ spending and labor cost. This is one of the major reasons for our cheap PCB prototypes.

3. Efficient work

Generally speaking, efficiency of work directly affects the price of the product. In order to provide low cost 1 to 4 layer PCB prototypes, ALLPCB.com has built our own ERP system connecting sales, engineering and fabrication sections. It greatly minimizes the labor cost and maximizes the work efficiency.

All these factors make ALLPCB.com provide low cost 1 to 4 layer PCB prototypes. Submit your order to ALLPCB.com right away. I believe you will get a satisfactory service here.