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To find the cheapest PCB manufacturer in

● Competitive price of PCBs
● Valuable advices on PCB design
● Some long-term discount PCBs


To find the cheapest PCB manufacturer in

“Why your products are so cheap?”

Frequently, the visitors and PCB buyers are questioning why our PCBs enjoys a cheap price and whether we secretly sacrifice the quality to achieve the low cost. Of course not! ALLPCB is a professional PCB manufacturer platform that devotes to gathering the best PCB manufacturer in China and offering the best service to our customers. And our PCBs enjoy the highest quality that certified by international institutions.

To purchase the cheapest PCBs in China

To purchase the cheapest PCBs in China

Why the PCBs we offer are the cheapest?

1.ALLPCB has established strong and reliable relationship with plenty of experienced PCB manufacturers in China, which provides various options of price and lead time to our customers and make the price more competitive and favorable. Thus, customers can place their orders with the cheapest and best price.

2.We develop a transparent ERP system that make the whole purchasing process touchable for customers. With this system, there is no hidden cost in purchase, and customers will get the cheapest price for PCB manufacturing.

3.ALLPCB employs many professional and experienced engineers to serve our customers. They will offer valuable advices on the PCB designing and manufacturing with the aim to reduce the cost for customers, offering the lowest prices with high quality to them.

4.The cost of labor force in China is much lower than other countries across the world. For example, it is only the half of some western countries, like USA, Canada and Mexico. This is an essential element to make the low cost of our PCBs possible.

5.Our company provides some discount PCBs all the time. This is a special service for the students and hobbyist who cannot afford the large expense on PCBs. They can enjoy a favorable price when they place their orders in

The best quality with the cheapest price is always ALLPCB’s pursuit.We are striving to offer the high quality and the cheapest PCB manufacturing in the world.