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The Advantages of Two Layers PCB

With the rapid development of electronic industries, the PCB field has also developed a lot. Among one layer PCB, two layer PCB and multilayer PCB, two layer PCB is the most popular kind and widely accepted by engineers, electronic hobbyist etc. What makes two layer PCB so popular? The answer is the following advantages of it.

structure of two layers PCB

Structure of two layers PCB

1. Easy to wiring

Compared to one layer PCB, the two layer PCB has two sides to align the wire, which makes the space of wiring is more. So the design of wires have more choices, which helped the engineers a lot to make more designs be possible. 


2. Small volume, light weight

Because of the high-density of assembly, two layer PCB makes more wire assembled in a smaller space, which results in the small volume of product, so that the products we designed today can be smaller and smaller. What’s more, the weight of products used two layer PCB are also very light which is easy to carry out.


What above are the main advantages of two layer PCB, which makes it be widely accepted by customers who need PCB. Of course these are not the only advantages two layer PCb  has, but these are important factors for people who design it and use it.  

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