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Multilayer PCB Prototype & Manufacture in

Unlike single-sided and double-sided PCB board, multilayer PCB board manufacturing has higher requirement on the manufacturing capability because all multilayer PCBs at least have three layers of conductive material that are buried in the center of board. In order to meet the high requirement of capability, has established strong relationship with more and more professional PCB manufacturers. And our technicians have made great efforts to simplify the purchase process, offering easy access to customers.

If customers want to place an order about multilayer PCB manufacturing, they can make a quick online quotation with the help of PCB Instant Quote System or our sales. Besides, offers easy access for customers to upload their Gerber file to our website. And before they upload the file, customers have to fill in the layer order from top to bottom, ensuring the 100% accuracy in PCB manufacturing.

Layer Orders for Multilayer PCB Manufacture

Layer Orders for Multilayer PCB Manufacture

On the other hand, we provide the PCB manufacturers comparison for customers to choose the best PCB manufactures. The comparison include the prices, lead time, basic information, and manufacturing capability, etc. And customers are able to choose which element should be included in the compare result. With this manufacturer comparison, customers can be much closer to the whole PCB manufacturing process, which makes it open and transparent.

PCB Manufacturers Comparison

PCB Manufacturers Comparison is striving to offer high standard PCB manufacturing service and other related services like PCB manufacturer comparison. We are on the way to become the best online PCB manufacturing platform in China even in the world.

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