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Advantages and Disadvantages of Electrostatic Powder Spray

Electrostatic Powder Spray is a type of coating that is applied to printed circuit board as LPI soldermask. The powder is applied by electrostatic spray by negatively charging the powder particles, which seek a ground holding the powder to the part. Then the powder is cured in an oven with convection and Infrared heat to allow it to flow, crosslink and form a hard finish that is durable and very resistant to scratches, cracking, peeling, UV rays and rust. This article will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of Electrostatic Powder Spray.

Electrostatic Powder Spray Machine

Electrostatic Powder Spray Machine

Advantages of Electrostatic Powder Spray

1. Only for once Electrostatic Powder Spray can achieve a coating of 100 ~ 300μm, but an ordinary solvent coating needs 4-6 times. Electrostatic Powder Spray has a good corrosion resistance.

2. Electrostatic Powder Spray is solvent-free, has no waste pollution, so that the working conditions of health has been improved.

3. The use of new technology such as Electrostatic Powder Spray has improved the efficiency. It is suitable for automatic coating line. The powder has high utilization ratio and is recyclable.

4. In addition to curable epoxy, polyester, acrylic, there are still a large number of thermoplastic resin, which can be used as Electrostatic Powder Spray material, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, fluorinated polyether, nylon, polycarbonate and various fluorine resin with.

Disadvantages of Electrostatic Powder Spray

1. For complex shapes of the work pieces, the recessed hole is not easy to spray, and coating of protruding part is uneven, so that Electrostatic Powder Spray often requires process adjustment or manual repair.

2. Electrostatic Powder Spray needs the entire painting equipment, which is a large investment.

3. Electrostatic Powder Spray demands strict maintenance and management. Mismanagement or improper operation will cause Shock, high voltage breakdown discharge, or even cause a fire accident.

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