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Solder Paste Inspection – The Quality Assurance in SMT

Solder paste inspection is the key process in PCB board assembly process in SMT, and it is the quality assurance for the finished products. And solder paste inspection is unable to be achieved by manual inspection so that it needs the help of solder paste inspection machines to make it. Through the inspection, PCB manufacturers aim to reduce the defective rate in SMT and ensure the high quality.

Solder Paste Inspection

Solder Paste Inspection

Generally, 80% of defective products in SMT results from the improper solder paste printing. That’s why solder paste inspection is becoming more and more important. And how solder paste inspection play its role in SMT?

Solder paste inspection machine is only able to operate the surface image check with the inspected area uncovered. And in surface image checking, it will measure and record the following data to tell whether the solder paste printing is good or not, like the height, area, volume and evenness of solder paste printing. With those data, the solder paste inspection machine will tell whether there is a shift, height deviation, bridge or damage of solder paste printing.

Solder paste inspection plays an essential role in guaranteeing the quality of solder paste printing in SMT process. All the PCB boards from are done with solder paste inspection to ensure the high quality of PCB boards.

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