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ALLPCB aims to be one of the best PCB manufacturers

● PCB prototype
● Small volume production
● Leading PCB market in Asia
● Mature PCB production chain
● Cooperation with over 100 PCB manufacturers


ALLPCB aims to be one of the best PCB manufacturers

According to N.T. Information in the first quarter 2014, the total output value of PCB in 2013 was 60 billion. Many PCB manufacturers all over the world have made a great contribution to the rapid development of PCB. The best PCB manufacturers are located in Asia (44.2% China, 14.2% Korea, 13.6% Taiwan, 10.5% Japan, 7.1% other areas), in the USA 5.4%, in the Europe 5%. China’s output value of PCB was 26.5 billion, 44.2%. Asia has become the world's leading PCB market, and China occupies the central position. That’s to say, customers can find many best PCB manufacturers in China.

Top 10 PCB Producing Countries and their Percent of World Output in 2013

Since the introduction of foreign investment and advanced equipments, the PCB manufacturers in China have the chance to improve their PCB production, which results in a rapid development of PCB manufacturing. Besides, the rise of domestic electrical industries, especially in Shenzhen and Kunshan, has accelerated the evolution of PCB. The best PCB manufacturers in China are gathered in Shenzhen and Kunshan, forming a mature PCB production chain.

Comparing with other PCB manufacturers around the world, ALLPCB is working with over 100 PCB manufacturers mainly in Shenzhen and Kunshan, so we’re able to offer more choices for customers, choices for PCB prototype or small volume production, choices for price, quality or delivery and so on. In addition, we are always at your service and technical support. We aim to be one of the best PCB manufacturers, not only in China, but also in the world.