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What Advantages does Single PCB Have?

As is known to us all, PCB can be divided into single, double and multilayer PCB. But how much do you know about single PCB? Let’s learn it today.


structure of single PCB

Structure of single PCB

Single PCB production is widely spread since late 1950s with the development of copper foil etching. Compared with double PCB, single PCB only has one side with conductor pattern  which is best suited for low density design. And after nearly 70 years’ development, single sided PCB is still occupied global market share, which is because the advantages of single PCB.

1. Low cost, especially for high volume

For single PCB production, as the design is easy with today’s technology, so the cost of it is low. What’s more, if you manufactured in high volume, the cost of every piece is much lower.

2. Ideal for simple low-density designs

We all know that double PCB and multilayer PCB are suitable for complex design, of course it can be used for simple design, but it is not economic. Thus the application of single PCB becomes important which will not only save money but also have good EMC performance of product.

3. Install components with two sides

Single PCB can also be used to install components on two sides, that one side for plug-in and another is for SMT. So we can use single PCB for those designs which needs components on two sides.

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