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Pay Attention to Single Layer PCB Production

As a platform with 100+ PCB manufacturers, supplies many kinds of products. Which are involved in backplanes, hybrid boards, HDI boards, High TG boards, High Frequency boards, Flex and Rigid Flex boards, Metal Substrate boards, IC substrate boards and more. With so many kinds’ products, single layer PCB is the easiest product among them, but there are still a lot of items we need to pay attention to during single layer PCB production.

single layer PCB

Structure of single layer PCB

1. Conductor Pattern

For single Layer PCB production, there is only one layer with conductor pattern which can conduct electricity, so most of the time, the components of single PCB are in the wiring side. What’s important is that we only have one side to arrange the wire, so we need to be very careful during the wiring for avoiding the cross of every wire.

2. Solder mask

Even there is only one conductive side, the solder mask can be done on top and bottom or just on top, so if the Gerber files of customers have not write down the requirements, we need to confirm with customers and then tell the requirements to manufacturing factories.  

3. Silkscreen

The same as solder mask, silkscreen can also be done at two sides or just one side. So we need to confirm the silkscreen side too. Only when we are careful before production, we can avoid the problems during single layer PCB production.

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