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The Classification of Flexible Printed Circuit

Flexible printed circuit (FPC) is a printed circuit board that made of polyimide or PET, with high reliability and excellent flexibility. Currently, there are three main types of flexible PCB: single-sided, double-sided, multilayer. And each type of FPC has different characteristics in price, performance and manufacture requirements.

Flexible Printed Circuit Board

Flexible Printed Circuit Board

1. Single-sided flexible board

This kind of flexible PCB enjoys the lowest price, while the electrical performance PCB is low. It will be the best choice should when engineers place wires on one side. With the help of chemical etching, the conductive pattern on the flexible insulating base is rolled copper foil. Insulating base material may be polyimide, PET, aramid fibers and PVC.

2. Double-sided flexible board

Double-sided one is the chemical-etched conductive pattern on both sides of insulating base. Metalized holes achieve the electronic connects between on insulating layers to meet the design of flexibility and function. The cover film can protect the tracks and indicate the locations of components.

3. Multilayer flexible board

Multilayer flexible board is laminated by more than 3 layers of single or double-sided flexible circuits together, which form a conductive path between different layers with metalized drilling hole. Multilayer circuit has greater reliability, better thermal conductivity and more convenient assembly performance. The assembly dimension, layers and flexibility should be taken into consideration when designing.

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