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Requirements for PCBs with Good Quality

With high speed development of electronic industry, PCB production has grown continuously and makes a big leap. At the same time, customers have higher requirement about the layers, weight, precision, materials and reliability. However, for the competitive price, PCB manufactures tends to keep themselves competent in market with the sacrifice of quality.

Requirements for PCBs with Good Quality

Requirements for PCBs with Good Quality

Nowadays, various kinds of PCBs come into market. But how can customers tell the quality of PCBs? Here are some standards for PCBs with good quality:

1. The surface is well coated with ink, which ensures the insulation.

2. Electrical connection meets the requirement.

3. Trace width, thickness and spacing conform the standards to avoid short circuit, open circuit and circuit heat.

4. Copper surface is not easy to fall off when temperature goes up.

5. Copper surface is difficult to be oxidized, which will influence the assembly of components.

6. No extra electromagnetic radiation

7. The profile is not deformed, so as to avoid the deformation of the shell and dislocation of screw holes after installation.

8. High temperature, high humidity and special environment should be taken into consideration.

9. The mechanical property of the surface should meet the installation requirements.

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