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Incredible PCB Creations with Scrapped Circuit Boards

For those who are electronic hobbyists or enthusiasts, a lot of old PCBs and electronic components will be eliminated for update. Besides, in PCB manufacturing, it may produce some scrapped circuit boards for the technical problems. Have you imaged that these circuit boards or electronic components can be made into incredible creations and artworks?


Let's have a look about these incredible creations.

Circuit Board NecklaceCircuit Board Necklace

Circuit Board Necklace

Circuit Board CarCircuit Board Dargon

Circuit Board LightCirucit Board Light

Circuit Board Light

Circuit Board ShoesCircuit Board Shoes

Circuit Board Nike Shoes

Circuit Board GlassesCircuit Board Glasses

Circuit Board Glasses


Circuit Board Roborts


Circuit Board Headwear


Circuit Board Cover

Circuit Board Fashion ShowCircuit Board Fashion Show

Circuit Board Fashion Show

Circuit Board ButterflyCircuit Board Butterfly

Circuit Board Butterfly

Circuit Board High-heeled ShoesCircuit Board Pineapple

Circuit Board InsectCircuit Board Building

ClockCircuit Board Darth Vader

Mini Circuit Board ToiletCircuit Board Bird

Circuit Board TurtleCircuit Board Snowman

Circuit Board KeyringCircuit Board Christmas Tree

Circuit Board FanCircuit Board Dog

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