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The Arrangement of Components in Assembly Design

As we all know, the components play an important role in PCB assembly. Similarly, the arrangement of components has a profound impact on the design of assembly. Thus, it is quite necessary to acquire some knowledge about the arrangement of the components.



Component spacing

Component spacing is one of the arrangements of the components. Soldering clearance, heat dissipation and noise radiation should be taken into account in most arrangements of component spacing. Actually, additional considerations for each application are required, while the possibilities are too numerous to mention. The wise way is to adopt a standard clearance for all components and increase clearance if necessary. Generally, as most components are soldered from the bottom side of the board, spacing for soldering between components is not indispensable for a consideration. However, the spacing between components becomes essential when components are on both sides of the board. Besides, space is still required when the component’s height is below the tip of the iron.


Component placement

Apart from spacing, component placement should also be included in the arrangement of the components. When it comes to component placement, the requirements of assembly should be met in addition to physical and electrical requirements. These restrictions are classified by assembly type and corresponding cost: for example, manual assembly versus auto assembly, and single-sided assembly versus double-sided assembly.

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