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PCB Assembly Worldwide Free Shipping

2020-07-09  ALLPCB Team

ALLPCB is always committed to offering a one-stop and high quality PCB assembly service to all of our electronic engineers. Recently, we have a big quality upgrade of PCB assembly by launching a new PCBA factory. We encourage more engineers to enjoy our PCB assembly service, so we are planning a “PCB Assembly Worldwide Free Shipping”activity. 

PCB Assembly Worldwide Free Shipping-news.jpg

Up to 30 Shipping cost will be deducted automatically for order group containing PCBA order! Quantity is not limited and stencil free.

Activity Details: 

  • Shipping cost > 30$      Deduct 30$ directly

  • Shipping cost <30$       Free Shipping!

1) This activity starts from July 13, 2020.

2) The actual price is subject to the online pcba quote page.

Production Capacity:

ALLPCB PCBA factory is equipped with advanced production equipment such as Siemens, GKG printing machine, AOI optical scanning and X-ray detection, etc. 

Siemens assembly machine.png

We are capable of prototype and small volume SMT assembly, BGA assembly, through-hole assembly, Single or double side mixed assembly. Learn more about our pcb assembly capability.

PCB Assembly Review:

ALLPCB Promises:

1. Comprehensively improve the quality management system.

2. Adhere to full control of the production process, 100% test.

3. Always be in aware of quality, make sure every product is 100% qualified.

Learn more about our pcb assembly service.

If you have any questions, please contact your sales representative.


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