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PCB Assembly Capabilities

Lead Time 1. Regular prototyping orders can be finished in 1-2 days
2. Small batches take 3 days (expedited service available in 24 hours)
3. Medium batches will take 5 days or more,  scheduled delivery is recommended for long-term demands
Remark: Lead time will be calculated after PCB, components, and necessary documents are ready (BOM, CAD, Gerber file, and other design drawings, etc.)
PCBA SMT+DIP Equipments 1. Seven Siemens high-speed and high-accuracy SMT production lines
2. Three DIP production lines (automatic wave-soldering)+ 2 manual soldering lines
3. Three Assembly and testing lines
PCBA Capacity SMT Capacity: 10 million points per day
DIP Capacity: 180,000 points per day
30-50 different designs per day (single shift)
Components Service Turnkey ALLPCB has established a complete and reliable supplier network, which enables us to get qualified components at reasonable prices
Kitted or Consigned Customers provide all components, and we do the assembly work
To ensure the PCBA quality, all components shall be packaged in tube, tape, tray or reel to suit our assembly machine
Partial Turnkey Customers provide the major components and we buy the rest
PCBA Solder Type SMT, THT, single or double side PnP
Solder Paste/Tin Wire/Tin Bar Both lead and lead-free (RoHS compliant)  are available
Stencil High-accuracy laser cutting stencil to ensure good printing performance such as Fine-pitch ICs and BGA to meet IPC-2 Class or higher
MOQ no MOQ required for customers with R&D purposes
Component Size Minimum Package 01005 chip size
Minimum BGA Spacing 0.3mm(ball to ball)
Minimum Fine Pitch 0.25mm (X-ray available to ensure the solder quality)
Component Package We accept tape and reel,  tube, and tray packages for components
Maximum Mount Accuracy of Components (100FP) ±50 μm
Solderable PCB Type Rigid PCB, FPC, Rigid-Flex PCB, Aluminum PCB
PCB Size Min PCB size:50mm x 50mm (boards under this size will be panelized)
Max PCB size:350mm x 1200mm
Testing and coverage We will apply a variety of testing to the PCBA in mount or already mount to ensure the quality before shipping
IQC: incoming inspection Reject the defective material to avoid loss in the production line
SPI: solder paste inspection 1. Real-time monitoring of Height/Area/Volume of solder paste
2. Capture the defect of the solder bridge, insufficient or excessive solder, and poor shape of the solder
Online AOI inspection 1. Inspect the soldering performance of all parts, also include the polarity of components
2. 3D AOI can catch the defect of tiny lift of QFP pins
SMT sample inspection FAI check refers to the BOM and Gerber data, to make sure all the components are correctly mounted, and prevent defects from getting into the next process
IPQC  inspection In-process inspection and verification of SMT&DIP production system, double check for each process
Offline AOI inspection Inspect for defects such as wrong parts, parts missing, and wrong polarity
X-Ray inspection Inspect the solder joint of BGA, QFN, and other high-precision components which are invisible to human-eye
Functional Testing 1. The customer provides the test program and test method, we can follow up
2. Highly recommend customers conduct functional tests (especially for massive products) before shipping to prevent any defects
Repair & ReworkWe offer repair services for any soldering defects