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Magistrate Chen in ALLPCB Factory

2019-02-14  ALLPCB Team

Hongying Chen, the magistrate of Guangde, Anhui province, visited to the ALLPCB factory and visit the frontline staff who still worked during the Spring Festival, sending his greetings and hie best wishes to us on February 13, 2019. 

The chairman of ALLPCB factory, Du Dexiang, was responsible for the reception and expressed his gratitude to the county magistrate for his New Year greetings and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to their support and assistance for ALLPCB.

 ALLPCB staff.webp.jpg

Mr. Du took the Mrs. Chen to visit the factory, briefly introducing the equipment upgrade of the ALLPCB factory at the end of 2018. The imaging method of LDI abandons the necessary intermediate process of contact exposure process, like the use of film and mask. LDI really helps a lot while PCB manufacturing, on the one hand, the time of production cycle be shortened. On the other hand, non-contact exposure improves yield rate and reduces manufacturing costs.



After visiting, Mr. Du and Mrs. Chen sat down to discuss the development history of the ALLPCB in the past 2018 and the development plan of the ALLPCB factory in the 2019. From the integration of Internet, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud technology and traditional manufacturing, the next step is the development strategy of PCB & PCBA industry interconnection intelligent platform.


Mrs. Chen fully affirmed ALLPCB's innovative industry, research development and technological innovation. He hoped that ALLPCB’s future development of emerging industries will be better in Guangde.


ALLPCB will continue to enhance the comprehensive strength of enterprises, improve our position in PCB industry, and make greater contributions to the economic development and electronics manufacturing industry of Guangde County. It is believed that with the support of various government policies, ALLPCB will continue to focus on global vision, integrate international advanced concepts and craftwork, and comprehensively improve the standardization work level to lead the development of the entire PCB industry!





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