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Laser Exposure Machine Makes PCB More Efficient

With the rising command of engineers, ALLPCB’s production equipment has undergone a comprehensive upgrade at the end of 2018. we introduced from Aiscent Technologies the advanced technology - LDI exposure machine and it’s already in use.


LDI refers to Laser Direct Image. We can direct exposure printed circuit board (PCB) graphics on a circuit board coated with photosensitive material by using LDI. It’s absolutely a more efficient imaging methods.

LDI exposure machine.jpg


Comparing to traditional film contact exposure, LDI has more advantages as follows.


1. LDI has no film process during exposure. Consequently, the time and cost of loading and uploading film can be saved and there will be less deviation from film shrinkage.

2. CAM data can be directly imaged on the PCB.

3. The precision wire up to 20um and suitable for the production of fine wires.

4. The yield of PCB production be greatly increased.

5. LDI produces images in real time from a computer, LDI can have real-time deformation, expansion and contraction compensation, and arbitrary imposition for any circuit deformation.

6. LDI can adjust the circuit width in real time.


What’s more, the newly LDI machine which ALLPCB introduced from Aiscent Technologies has the following characteristics.


1. High precision of alignment and imaging.

2. High-quality parallel depth of field.

3. Product and process traceability.

4. Higher productivity parameters and higher quality.


The imaging method of LDI abandons the necessary intermediate process of contact exposure process, like the use of film and mask. LDI really helps a lot while PCB manufacturing, on the one hand, the time of production cycle be shortened. On the other hand, non-contact exposure improves yield rate and reduces manufacturing costs. ALLPCB will still serve for all engineers with faster lead time, better quality and cost-effectively price.

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