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PCB Substrate Free Upgraded

2018-12-13  ALLPCB Team

ALLPCB produces high quality PCBs with quality certified materials. As most electronic engineers know, Shengyi, one of the biggest copper clad laminate company, who is the supplier of ALLPCB.



FR4 copper clad laminate is the main material of printed circuit boards. PCB boards are required to be heat resistant and not able to burn under a certain temperature as well. The Tg value is the heat resistance of the FR4 copper clad laminate.


What is Tg ? The glass-transition temperature of a polymer adhesive is actually a range of temperatures during which the solid polymer material experiences some substantial changes in its physical properties (transitions from glassy to rubbery solid)If the same material is cured at an elevated temperature, a higher Tg will result. Tg value is widely mentioned, especially in multilayer boards and lead-free process.

Tg substrate.png

There is an obvious difference between normal Tg FR-4 and high quality FR-4: under the heat, the mechanical strength, dimensional stability, adhesion, water absorption, thermal decomposition and thermal expansion will show different effects. Certainly, high-quality Tg products are better than ordinary PCB substrate material. By improving the value of Tg, the heat resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, stability resistance will be strengthen as well.


There is a notify from ALLPCB to all engineers: As multilayer boards substrate be upgraded to high-quality Tg FR-4 substrate, the price will remain unchanged.

4 / 6 layers PCBs


                       (price remains unchanged)

                           Tg 140 upgrade to Tg 150

                                Shengyi Substrate

                    Tg 140 / Tg 150 / Tg 170 are available  


                      1 / 2 ounces of copper can be chosen

                             Board Thickness

                                      0.4mm - 2.5mm

Double Sided Board

 (Kingboard / Shengyi / Goldenmax substrate are available )


 ( A-Level Goldenmax substrate)

                                         Lead Time

                                      5 m2 - 10 m2

                                          48 hours

                                      10 m2 - 30 m2

                                          5 -7 days

                                      30 m2 - 50 m2

                                          7 - 9 days

The followings are the test reports of  Shengyi Tg 140, Tg 150, and Tg 170.

 1.Tg 140 

TG140 - S1141.pdf

2. Tg 150

TG150 - S1000H.pdf

3. Tg 170

TG170 - S1000-2M.pdf


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