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What Materials Do Multi-layer Boards Need?

In the multilayer boards manufacturing, you will use a lot of materials of multi-layer boards. Do you know what materials multi-layer boards need? There are the three basic sets of raw materials used to manufacture conventional rigid multi-layer boards:(1) a resin system ;(2) reinforcement materials;(3) copper foil. The boards are mostly made by using glass mechanical strength to the board and its basic function is to carry the resin. The controlled thickness of the glass cloth enables the manufacturer to build multi-layer boards with controlled total thickness and tolerance.

Resin system

Resin system

1. Resin system

There are three resin types are widely used in materials of multi-layer boards.

Reinforcement materials

Reinforcement materials

2. Reinforcement materials

The most widely used reinforcement is the E (electrical) glass: the women glass cloth sews as a support vehicle for epoxy resins. The material has good resistance to water, fair resistance to alkali and poor resistance to acid, and a high dimensional stability.

Copper foil

Copper foil

3. Copper foil

Copper foil that is mostly used to manufacture multi-layer boards in the electrodepositing process. With increased circuit densities which lead to finer circuit and thicker boards, the copper foils must exhibit improved elongation properties at elevated temperatures and special bounding treatments for epoxies and polyimides.

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