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PCB & Stencil

What should I do if I want my PCB panelized in array format?

What kind of drill file that ALLPCB requires?

Which layers should be included in Gerber files for PCB making?

Which files are used for stencil making?

For 1-layer board, could it be made with both 2 sides of covering solder-mask oil and silkscreen?

For the design of slots, which layer should I design in?

Why I need to panelize my boards?

Why I need to design Break-away Rails (Break-away Tabs)?

Can you build RF applications?

Can you handle Controlled Impedance requirements?

Can you process my dielectric requirements?

Where can I find the manuals etc. of the eC-equipment ?

Where can I find the specifications for materials etc. ?

Will RoHS Lead-Free Custom Spec Boards be marked with lead-free symbol?

Does ALLPCB bevel gold fingers?

What is the standard bevel on PCB?

What is tab route?

What is ITAR?

What does "V-scoring" mean?

What is X-out PCB? Is there price difference when I don’t accept X-out PCB?

Aluminium PCB's withstand voltage value


What is standard stack-up for multi-layer PCB on ALLPCB?

What information is required for impedance control in PCBs?

What is the minimum via size and hole size?

Which PCB file formats does ALLPCB support?

What are the differences between various Via treatments?

What are the guidelines for designing vias in pads?

What is the maximum size of flexible PCBs?

What quality control standards do you adhere to?