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Introduction to the Basic Knowledge of PCB Raw Materials

In print circuit manufacturing, PCB raw materials are of great significance for manufacturing PCB, and the required basic raw materials can also be called PCB substrate materials. It has played a decisive role in the determination of the composition of the structure and the characteristics of the copper clad laminate. The conventional PCB raw materials in print circuit manufacturing are pre-preg (preimprenated materials), copper foil, substrate, ink.

.PCB board

PCB board

1. Pre-Preg (preimprenated materials)

Pre-preg is a kind of sheet - bonding material which is synthesized by the resin and the carrier. The main components of prepreg are the resin, varnish and glass fiber cloth.

2. Copper Foil

The main function of copper foil is to form multilayer board top and bottom line conductor. It can be under a certain pressure and temperature, then to combine with pre-preg. According to the process can put it into two kinds of copper foil, rolled copper foil and electrolytic copper foil.

3. Substrate

The substrate also called CCL, it is through the pre-preg and copper foil adhesive under high temperature and high pressure in a printed circuit board made of different specifications and the thickness of raw materials.

4. Ink

The compositions of ink are the main agent & curing agent, resin, fillers, colorant, solvent and assistant solvent. Ink has the function of solder masking and protecting circuit. And character is mainly played the role of identification.

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