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2 layers PCB from China

As the most popular kind of PCB around the world, 2 layer PCB plays an important role in PCB industry. But there are still so many people do not know much about it even those who use the products with it every day.  

structure of 2 layers PCB

Structure of 2 layers PCB

1. Structure of 2 layers PCB from China

As we can know from the name, two layers PCB means conductor pattern on two sides. So both top and bottom side on it will have circuit copper on it to conduct electricity. As we can see from the picture, 2 layers PCB also have solder mask on both sides to protect the copper. Just because the two sides circuit copper, the two layers PCB allows for closer routing traces by using vias through the hole.

2. Advantages of 2 layers PCB from China

With the rich resources and lower cost of labor, 2 layers PCB from China are cheaper compared with other countries. What’s more, two layers can decrease the size of board which also decreased the cost. By using of 2 layers PCB, we take the most economic way to make better design become real product and bring convenience to people.

3.  Application of 2 layers PCB from China

There are limitless applications of 2 layers PCB, which are involved the following aspects:

Industrial controls, Power supplies, Control relays and UPS systems etc. With so many applications, 2 layers PCB is possible to be in the electronic products we used every day, so our life could not be short of it.

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