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Two Layer PCB Fabrication

One of the key elements in electronics is the printed circuit board or PCB. It’s so fundamental that people may forget to explain what a PCB is. Actually, PCB is like a layer cake, there are alternating layers of different materials which are laminated together with heat and adhesive. 2 layer PCB, also known as Double-Sided Printed Circuit Board, is a printed circuit board that has 2 layers conductive pattern. But what is two layer PCB fabrication like?



Before learning two layer PCB fabrication, we can take a view on its composition. Commonly speaking, for double sided PCBs, coppers are applied to both sides of the substrate. When we say a double sided or 2-layer board we are referring to the number of copper layers. The copper thickness can vary and is specified by weight, in ounces per square foot. Most PCBs have 1 ounce of copper per square foot but some PCBs that handle very high power may use 2 or 3 ounce copper. As for the carrier material, or substrate, is usually fiberglass. Generally, the most common designator for the fiberglass is “FR4”, which gives the PCB its rigidity and thickness.


pcb composition

                    Composition of 2 lay PCB


Manufacturing Process

How about the two layer PCB fabrication? Briefly speaking, the board is fabricated through the lamination with insulating material. Perhaps we can learn more by a diagram of manufacture process:



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