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White Soldermask is Commonly Used in LED PCB Applications

Solder Mask is a protective coating applied to the bare printed circuit board. Bare boards are covered with mask to prevent accidental solder bridging during assembly and to help protect the board from the environment. Solder mask is usually green but many other colors are available. The most common colors are: Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, White and Black. This article is about White PCB Soldermask.

White solder masks cannot resolve small features the way common Green or even Blue or Red solder masks do. This is because of the very high pigment loading involved with creating a White LPI solder mask. In order to achieve a bright white solder mask which will resist yellowing, large quantities of special white pigments are used in the formulations.

White soldermask is commonly used in LED PCB applications with metal core. When designing printed circuit boards for LED components, developers face many challenges. On the one hand, the color rendered by the LEDs must be clean and clear. On the other hand, they have to ensure that the heat emitted by the LED components is well dissipated. White soldermask offers more brightness of LED systems.

White Soldermask

White Soldermask

Notice: White silkscreen cannot be used if the soldermask is white. You can use black, yellow, red and other colors, so as to see the characters clearly.

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