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Is there any difference between green solder mask and other solder mask colors?

In the old times almost only green solder mask is used for PCB, but now there are many colors available, such as red, black, yellow, blue etc. Many people have some doubts on PCB solder mask, such as why green color is the most common used solder resist and if there is any difference between green solder mask and other solder mask colors?

We have an article for the reasons why is green soldermask the most commonly used for PCB fabrication. Please click green solder mask to check.

In the manufacturing of PCBs there should be no difference if they use other colors of solder mask, but in the production of electronic assembly it could make a difference. All inspections and AOI machines are made for the most popular green solder resist, if the color changes, there could be huge problems with these machines.

Soldermask Difference.png

Soldermask Difference

Most of the manufacturers from the USA only have one LPI machine. If customers require another color rather than green, the manufacturer has to continually switch from green to other colors, which leads to time cost and price increasing. But in, as an Asian manufacturer, we do not have any issues with Green, Red or Blue, due to volume of production run in all colors. We own different machines for different solder mask colors.

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