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Red Solder Resist is Eye-catching

Solder mask is a very important part of protecting a PCB. Solder mask, or solder resist is a thin covering that protects the PCB from oxidation. It also prevents solder bridges from forming between solder pads that are close together. Currently there are several soldermask colors available, such as green, white, red, black, yellow, blue and so on. This article will introduce the red solder resist color.

Red Solder Resist is bold and it looks professional. The contrast between traces, planes and empty space is good, but observably lower than on a green board. Inspection of fine traces on the board for defects is best done with some form of magnification. Silkscreen stands out well against the red background and flux residues clean up well, just as well as on a green board.

Red Soldermask

Red Soldermask

Though there is no big difference between green soldermask and red soldermask, but Red Solder Resist is eye-catching. If you want an outstanding board, you can try red soldermask.

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