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The connections on a PCB should be identical to its corresponding circuit diagram, but while the circuit diagram is arranged to be readable, the PCB layout is arranged to be functional, so there is rarely any visible correlation.

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Attentions! Make good pcb layout

1.High-speed circuit and low-speed circuit: high-speed circuit should close to the ground, low-speed circuit close to the power surface. 2.The alignment of the adjacent layers is orthogonal to avoi... (See More)

William Reeve
2017-05-22 15:53:02
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PCB routing tips that you must know

1.PCB wiring basic policy: increase the alignment to reduce the capacitance coupling crosswalk; parallels set the power and ground line for making PCB capacitors achieve the best; the sensitive h... (See More)

Adrian Wellings
2017-05-22 15:35:58
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How to do PCB wiring?

1.Before wiring, the first thing is to classify the lines. The main classification method is based on the power level and each group is divided by every 30dB power level. 2.Different classificat... (See More)

Bruno Vicente
2017-05-19 15:50:05
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Advice on PCB Layout

1.The clock circuit and the high frequency circuit are the main sources of interference and radiation, and must be arranged separately from the sensitive circuit. 2.Note the waveform distortion du... (See More)

Markus Schmitz
2017-05-18 13:04:11
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Designing the multilayer PCB

1.When designing the multilayer printed circuit board, the power plane should be close to the ground plane and placed under the ground plane. 2.When designing multilayer PCBs, the wiring layer s... (See More)

Alex Alfonso
2017-05-18 11:53:08
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Tips for PCB Routing & Layout

Tips for PCB routing and layout: 1.Crystal oscillator should be as close to the IC as possible, and the wiring should be thicker. 2.The shell of crystal oscillator should be grounded. 3.The c... (See More)

Carlos Ruiz
2017-05-18 11:25:34
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resistance and capacitance regarding PCB wiring

There are many things need to pay attention.For example: Is the resistance of very short copper wire in small signal circuit important? The conduction band of printed circuit board is manu... (See More)

Teo Anca
2017-05-15 15:16:35
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Component layout rules

1. Layout is in accordance with the circuit module. The relevant circuit achieving the same function is a module; the components in circuit module should be used in the nearby centralized principle, w... (See More)

Teo Anca
2017-05-15 14:45:16
Richard Baggaley
2017-05-16 14:49:24
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Reduce the noise and electromagnetic interference

Ways to reduce noise and electromagnetic interference: (1) Prefer low-speed chip to high-speed; high-speed chip is used in key places. (2) By a string of resistance, reducing and controllin... (See More)

Rolf Niemand
2017-05-15 14:09:03
Teo Anca
2017-05-15 16:23:53
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Three special routing skills of PCB layout

There are three aspects in PCB layout: right angle, differential and snake-like routing. Right angle The influence of right angle routing on signal is mainly reflected in three aspects: ... (See More)

Eibert Draisma
2017-03-20 14:44:59
2017-04-17 13:47:32
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