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The Advantages of Surface Mount Technology

Surface Mount Technology has made a great leap since it emerged in last century. And it becomes the main stream in PCB assembly and earns high reputation in PCB industry. Compare with traditional through-hole embedded components, surface mount technology enjoy great advantages in PCB assembly industry.

Surface Mount Technology

Surface Mount Technology

1. High Assembly Density

Flaky components in SMT have smaller size and lower weight than the traditional embedded components. Generally, the volume of components in SMT is only the 20%-30% of embedded one, and even the smallest can reach 10%.

2. Good Anti-interference

The components in SMT have short pin (lead) or no pin, which enhance their anti-interference capacity.

3. High Signal Transmission Speed

With the compact structure, high assembly density and short pin, the latency of transmission can be weakened to achieve the high speed signal transmission. It is significant to ultra high speed electronic devices.

4. Simplified Production Process

SMT simplifies the whole production process and reduce the cost, which is more like to achieve the automatic production. When assembling, it is unnecessary to bend and cut the component pin and the whole process is shortened.

5. High Efficiency and High Reliability

For the standardization of component size and coherence of soldering conditions, it is possible to conduct automatic production with the help of Computer Integrated Manufacturing System (CIMS), and increase the efficiency of production and reliability of products.

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