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Criteria for Quality Defects of PCBA

Asian countries have the certain and favorable measure in the labor resources, markets, investments and tax incentives, attracting the United States and Europe's manufacturing industry to Asia, especially China. China has unique conditions that a large number of electronic products and equipment manufacturers will be set up factories in mainland China. Because of it, overseas purchasers order PCB board online. At the same time, when they receive the PCB printed, how to determine the quality of PCBA defects becomes particularly important.

A good-quality PCBA.jpg

A good-quality PCBA

A good-quality PCB printed is easy to recognize. General performance, the middle element mounted on the pad, has no shifting of side and end; red rubber component height is for steel net height (0.15-0.2mm), and solder paste components flat on the PCB printed; the edge of the BGA and PCB on the screen identifies the equal distance in the four directions. According to the process requirements of the placement of the patch are affixed correctly. The components of polar components are in the correct direction. Additionally, the surface is clean.

After studying knowledge about a good-quality Printed circuit board assembly, do you have an in-depth understanding of how to identify the quality of PCBA?I will be glad if it helps you a lot to pick up a good-quality PCB assembly.

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