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What Does Sales Staff in Offer?

When you order PCB online, I think that give you a specific introduction of how ALLPCB deal with the PCB orders and make every step transparent will make purchasers more trust in Believe that if you have a deeper understanding of us, it will make our relationship more stable.

Customer services

First of all, when you submit your PCB orders on, there will be a professional sales staff to manage your order. Sales staffs here are familiar with all kinds of PCB related professional knowledge. After they receive your PCB order, they will firstly check your files and data. If there is a problem with the file, then they will confirm with the customer again. If there is no problem, the sales staff will dock directly with PCB manufacturers.

When PCB orders are submitted to the factory, obviously there will be some problems. For example, if file has a problem or other details need to confirm, manufacturers will write to our sales staff, and then we communicate with the purchaser. Finally, let factory know the results of our communication, so that they can continue to produce.

ALLPCB will always be committed to provide you with one-to-one service, allowing you to enjoy more intimate services.

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