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The four-challenge of PCB manufacture in China

Since the birth of PCB in 1903, the PCB industry has been facing a series of challenges, it can be said that the development and progress of the PCB industry is growing up in a variety of challenges. Now challenges the PCB industry faces are much more complex, much deeper and more extensive, and even in manufacturing technology innovation or industrial revolution problem. Besides, the traditional manufacturing technology of PCB manufacture China is facing four big challenges.

Challenge ahead

1. The challenge of manufacturing limit

This is mainly manifested in four aspects:(1) the wire of the L/S fine requirements; (2) the wire and smooth surface degree requirements; (3) the wire or full size deviation of requirements; (4) the wire position (especially the interlayer alignment degree requirements)

2. The challenge of resource consumption

In PCB manufacturing, the production of the raw materials, water, and electricity and human resource consumption continue to increase. PCB industry needs to change the state of manufacturing technology.

3. The challenge of environmental pressure

The environmental protection pressure brought by PCB manufacturing technology is mainly manifested in the treatment and pollution of solid waste, waste liquid and waste water and energy consumption (equivalent to CO2 emission) and so on. Therefore, reducing the amount of raw and auxiliary materials, reducing energy consumption and improving the reuse rate of water are the main work in PCB manufacture China.

4. The challenge of innovation and development

In the era of information technology, data processing and communication equipment of PCB put forward higher standards and more requirements. Besides, product grades continue to improve. More and higher requirements for PCB chemicals are also required to innovate and develop.

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