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As a connection between PCB manufacturersin China and oversea purchaser,obviously, speed of express has played a very key role when ordering PCBs.But  how do we deliver the goods to our customers faster? 

In order to get a quick delivery, established a good relationship  with DHL. This is a great way to give customers a pleasant experience when they order PCBs in Besides, purchasers give more trust to us.

Quick Delivery

Quick Delivery

DHL's business has spread all over 220 countries and regions, and has been the world's most international companies. With more than 340,000 employees around the world, they are able to provide the perfect solution for virtually every logistics need after you order PCBs. For export services, DHL provides many expedited services. The provision of expedited services better ensure that our products can delivery to customers on time.


“Quickness” has always been one of the three major service purposes in our business. We have the quickest PCB manufacturing that PCB prototyping can be finished and delivered within 24h.Customers are able to choose delivery time according to their own demands. In addition,ALLPCB cooperates with international express company DHL to ensure the quick and accurate delivery of your PCB orders. In order to allow customers to enjoy a better service, we are continually working on it-“quickness”.

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