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Subvert Hidden Rules of PCB Industry and Redefine the New Era of PCB Prototype!

2019-04-23  ALLPCB Team

PCB attributes to the rapid development of electronic products. As the mother of electronic products, PCB silently supports the stable performance of electronic components. Since Austrian Paul Eisler created PCB in 1936, PCB has occupied an absolutely dominant position in the electronical industry after nearly 100 years of development.




After entering the 21st century, the focus of global PCB industry has gradually shifted from Europe and the United States to Asia, forming a new structure with Asia (especially mainland China) as the main part and other regions as the supplement. 

In 2018, the global output value of PCB has reached 63.55 billion US dollars, an increase of 8.0% compared with the previous year. In 2018, China's output value of PCB has reached 31.06 billion US dollars, an increase of 4.47% compared with the previous year, which has nearly occupied half of the global market. China has replaced Japan as the largest PCB production base and the most active technological development country in the world.


As upstream enterprises in the electronics industry, how to undertake more social responsibility and give more support to downstream enterprises in the industry chain? The most effective and direct support is price. Traditionally, there are many factors that constitute the cost of PCB, including film fee, engineering fee, flying probe test fee, expedited fee, laminate fee and so on.


cost composition.png 


For PCB manufacturers, the main profit comes from engineering fee and expedited fee, the total cost of which are for nearly 50% of the cost of PCB. If the 50% cost is exempted, the burden of downstream enterprises in the electronics industry will be reduced to a large extent, and their survival space will be greatly improved.

ALLPCB, as a comprehensive electronic service manufacturer, providing PCB and one-stop PCBA services, has launched the special service of "free of expedited fee" since its establishment. Thereafter, ALLPCB has been constantly innovating in technology and services to achieve breakthroughs in it’s development, establishes "ALLPCB rules" and breaks the industry rules. Recently, ALLPCB introduced three new rules.


Firstly, ALLPCB launched "free engineering fee" service for FR4 general parameters for 1-2 layers PCB (copper 1oz 0.6-1.6 mm thick ), which opened the era of free engineering fees for 1-2 layers PCB. Besides, you can enjoy 50%-70% OFF for all 1-2 Layer PCB Prototype orders.

At present, some manufacturers in the market are still collecting "engineering fees" as always, starting at a minimum of $8. 

engineering fees.png 


Secondly, ALLPCB continues to implement the "no-expedited-fee" service, and still keeps lead time of 1-2 layers PCB prototype in 24 hours! " applying no expedited fee" plus "quick shipment" model, ALLPCB plays the leading role in eliminating the industry's hidden rule of expedited fee, and makes it possible to ship PCB within 12 hours.


Now many manufacturers can not deliver in 24 hours. Even if they can, they charge the expedited fee, starting at a minimum of $81. 


expedited fee.png 


Thirdly, ALLPCB redefines PCB 1-2 layers special offer boards. As long as the single board area within 100mm*100mm, only $5 for 5 pcs 1-2 Layer PCBs and $8 for 10pcs. Besides, it is free for the first 5pcs 1-2 layer PCB prototype order for new customers.


By above three rules, ALLPCB "redefined" PCB prototyping and subverted the industry's hidden rules! Why can ALLPCB do this? These are all attributed to ALLPCB's intelligent interconnection and intelligent manufacturing. ALLPCB's every production process is connected to the Internet. By big data, further resource integration is carried out in production, management and service. The original intention of ALLPCB is to help users really enjoy the convenient and cost-effective PCB prototyping.

With the vigorous development of emerging industries such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and unmanned driving, especially the commercial implementation of 5G, these factors will become the main driving force for the development of the PCB market in the next few years. It is important to seize the PCB industry development opportunities.


Only by constantly innovating, reforming and breaking through, seizing the trend and acting with the trend, subverting the traditional business model and the rules of the game, can we continue to develop healthily and continuously.


With the enlargement of ALLPCB scale, the increase of production capacity, the improvement of production efficiency and the innovation of management system, ALLPCB will gradually establish a multi-direction development model and a new industry standard, which will bring the PCB industry to a new height. 


ALLPCB will continue to serve downstream enterprises in the electronical industry, and do its best to contribute to the development of electronical industry.



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