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Notice for Shipping to Taiwan

2020-05-14  ALLPCB Team

Dear Customers,


According to the recent policy of the Customs Administration in Taiwan, in order to strengthen the supervision of simple customs express shipments, the following measures must be implemented:


From January 16, 2020, for packages destined for the area, if the recipient is an individual with local household registration, the recipient needs to be registered with a real-name authentication (download "EZ WAY for authentication" by mobile phone) and online Customs declaration. Packages without real name authentication and confirmation of the recipient's authorization will not be imported through customs clearance in Taiwan.


In order to ensure the normal clearance of your express mail to the region, please notify the recipient of the local household registration individual for real-name authentication registration and online customs declaration authorization before January 16, 2020.


Remember to use the official APP provided by the Customs Department for real-name authentication. If your package needs to submit additional information such as a photocopy of your ID card or customs declaration letter, the APP will notify you immediately and you can provide it directly on the APP.


For more information, please visit: 

Notes on Express Delivery for Taiwan Customers.doc



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